Oxford Safer Communities Partnership

Community Response Team


Oxford City Council's Community Response Team (CRT) launched in April 2011. The Community Response Team superseded the Street Warden Service which no longer exists. The CRT's role is to tackle and prevent anti social behaviour (ASB). This includes dealing with environmental crime and enforcement, supporting the Cleaner, Greener Oxford campaign.

The CRT are deployed across the city daily to carry out Actions in Progress (AIPs). They visit people and places that they have been tasked to monitor, patrol or provide support to. They
work closely with the Anti-Social Behaviour Team and carry out investigatory actions for their ASB case management.

The team have a range of prevention, intervention and diversionary activities to help them stop ASB.  Examples of the types of actions they carry out are listed below:
  • Safeguarding vulnerable individuals;
  • Providing a visible presence in ASB hotspots;
  • Mediation;
  • Providing support for victims and witnesses;
  • Early intervention, to make it clear that anti-social behaviour is unacceptable;
  • Supporting perpetrators to change behaviour;
  • Engaging with communities and work on educational and preventative measures to help stop the problems from occurring in the first place;
  • Issuing Fixed Penalty Notices and gather evidence for other types of enforcement;
  • Helping local people know their rights and powers to trigger quick and effective action to tackle anti-social behaviour when required;
  • Helping local people to know how to report anti-social behaviour;
  • Working directly with excluded and vulnerable sections of the community aiming to promote a greater understanding of the cause and effect of ASB;

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