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Harassment & Stalking

What is Harassment & Stalking? 

Harassment includes conduct directed at, or towards, an individual by another that causes a victim to fear violence may be used against them or another person, or causes the victim to feel afraid, alarmed or distressed. (ACPO 2008) 

Is used to describe a long-term pattern of persistent and repeated following of, communication with or other intrusions on the privacy of a victim. In many cases the conduct might appear innocent if taken in isolation, but when it is linked as a course of conduct, may be sufficient to cause alarm, harassment or distress to the victim and amount to harassment. The term stalking is often used in the media to describe cases where the suspect is a stranger or an acquaintance of the victim or has had only a brief intimate relationship with the victim. (ACPO 2008) 

Stalking affects both women and men. The most dangerous of stalkers are ex-partners. If you are affected then you can talk to someone in confidence or call the Police.


National Stalking Helpline                                                0808 802 0300
Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline                               0800 731 0055
Victim Support                                                                0845 450 3883
Police Non-emergency                                                    101

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